Monday, April 27, 2009


Recently in xxxholic, there is a story about a lady who wont want to eat the food she made prepared, she knows herself too well, she knew what's her fault, what's the things she had touch and etc and so she refuse to eat the food she made, the food which made by such a disgusting person as she is. But, in turn, eating the food you prepared is also a way to know who you are, and she is just a person who is afraid to learn about herself.
For me, I think I was like that lady as well, hmm....I know what's my fault, and sometimes, I do dislike myself and personalities. But well, I am not that mentally affected like that lady. I will wash my hand before preparation of meal as I knew I have touched quite a lot of things with a lot of bacteria and virus and all. But ya, I enjoy cooking and eating the food I have made. There is once the dish I have cooked which is so disgusting in looking, but taste quite nice, and since then, I quite stop my experiment with food, and go with the traditional way which was taught by my mum.
But well, in the end, why I write this essay is I am very happy with the thing I have cooked today...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hanami and sakura

It is hanami period!~
Sakura! Sakura! Sakura is everywhere! It is very pretty and I like the way when the wind blow, as the sakura petals fall like in manga(in clamp's manga!)...People told me, if you catch 3 sakura petals in 1 catch, your wish will come true. Wish. I do try to catch it, although I just catch 1 petal, I feel happy, and happiness is also one of my small wish too! To think of it, I dont have a strong wish now, wish strong enough to drive me to do everything in order to fulfill it. Well, that's why I dont think I am a person with very good personality, I am living without an obvious purpose.
Anyway, Japanese people do picnic as those drawn in manga(well, at least in clamp's manga)! And today, I went to Osaka Castle, it does looked like the castle drawn in the tsubasa manga, haha, I am very much satisfied. I am glad that I have went out today, saw a lot of great places, ya, dad, you are right, chances will only come to those who venture out! My feet hurt a bit now, all is worth it! I really like sakura. The only small regret here is today I wear the wrong clothes, today is quite hot for an early spring (I saw people selling ice today!) And I wear the black thick sweater! The weather is very weird now, when I 1st come to Japan, it is quite chilly, and now is very hot! Big changes in only 1 week! Even sakura has confused, they said, it dont know to bloom or not bloom.
Just watched War of the World in the TV. Ah, another difference here
23) the tv in Japan is difference according to state...Weird...
Well, it is quite weird to see Tom Cruise speak in Japanese, so I switched to English after 15 minutes. But, what I really want to say it, I think the movie is a very typical American movie, the spirit of Americanism? Dont know how to describe it. And, one of the main difference between fiction and real life is :
In fiction, you are a protagonist so you dont die; In real life, you dont die so you are a protagonist.

Japan! The Differences....

1) Japanese sleep quite early? No bus after around 10 to 11. Almost all shops close at 9 pm!?
2) Transportation is super expensive!
3) Have to separate rubbish
4) The time of the transportation is very accurate(Even for bus)
5) The food is exactly the same as those model displayed
6) Cannot talk through handphone in the transportation
7) Karaoke..
8) People walk and cycle a lot
9) Scooter cannot exceed 40 or 60km/h?
10) People try to distance themselves from strangers in the transportation.. Weird!
11) If you are a foreigner, you was, you are and you will be one forever...
12) I like the school uniform
13) I like hanami
14) Automatic door... Some doors here you have to press it to open it...Cant get use to it..
15) 100 yen shop!
16) So many railway...Confusing...
17) The fashion...
18) Tedious paperwork.. Well, I dont mean it is not good
19) Speak a lot of instruction in the bus
20) Speak a lot to the customer in the cashier counter...Zenzen wakaranai...
21) Bowing! Well, I dont think this is bad.
22) Hai! Hai! Hai! HHHHhhhhhaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii!
Well, there is more to come........

Saturday, March 28, 2009


目前,我还没有我的人生目标,我并不知道我到底想成为什么样的人,我不清楚我的强点,我知道我一些的弱点。我很懒惰,对于没兴趣的事情,我并不会付出真心,对于想要的东西,我也并不会好好去把握。也许,我相当幸运,也许,大家都对我很好,我目前并没有任何人生大困难。但是,有时静静地想一想,‘我好像在逃避啊!’。我朋友常劝告我,叫我较多一点朋友, 可是我却蛮喜欢将自己躲起来,但是一方面我却想要改变,我想变得开朗一点,多交朋友,多参加活动。

我可没和我姐姐说哦,我觉得她变漂亮了(这张照片平不好看,可我只有这么一张)! 但是我却时常被我妈妈和妹妹们批评,说我的品位很差。。。

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Journey in my Life

Will go to Osaka, Japan on 1st April. Well, about 1 week left, sometimes when I think about it, I feel weird, but I dont know how weird is it. This will be the longest time for me to leave home, for almost 1 year and a half. I always jokes with my friends, that I have the longest holiday among them, but to be honest, I am quite afraid, holiday make me lazy, I am not longer the hardworking girl they know. They know, not I know, I know I am very lazy sometimes. And there is a new environment for me to venture.
And, I still havent started my packing, it's an headache when I think about it, 30 kg, hopefully I dont overweight.
Just watched Tsubasa Shunraiki few days ago, hmm...I still love the op, the so, nothing surprise, a little bit dissappointed, but at least the character dont deform, and the soundtrack, I believe all is old soundtrack, well, I think the character who performed the best is Seishiro, his sound is very evil......suit him well...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tsubasa Shunraiki Trailer

I still remember once that when my sister recommend Vampire Knight to me, I told her I don't feel like reading it because I think the story is too complicated, she was O 嘴, and said, what story is complicated compared to Tsubasa Chronicle? Well, the story is getting very complicated now. As I read the story, I get confused more, more question mark appear in my head (Well, of course, one of the reasons is because I am reading the raw version, and I don't really know Japanese.) I just can't wait for the next chapter, what is the relationship of all of them, what is Sakura's and Syaoran's true name, Fei Wong Reed want to revive who, and many others(and why all of them just cant finish their sentence, why they just say it clear, but with a lot of hidden meaning? I was so shocked to find out the Sakura from the beginning is a clone, and the only hidden words that Syaoran's said is 'that' sakura, which I am confirmed and double checked that the chinese translator don't find out that time, and again with Watanuki, what with the phrase of I am closer to you than anyone...........And Syaoran said he heard it from his father, but he was with Fei Wong Reed and Yuuko that time when the event took place? Or is it the problem with the translation?). Now is the climax and then there will be a break in next week...
But, thanks god, the new ova of Tsubasa Chronicle, that is Shunraiki will be out soon. It looked great to me (anything relate to Tsubasa Chronicle looked great to me), although I still prefer the manga version of characters, they look quite weird in the animation, especially Seishiro, he is kind of fat in one screen. I still remember the characters are deformed near the end of 2nd season of Tsubasa Chronicle, and Mokona looked bigger and bigger that time. (Luckily Mokona is shrunk back to normal size in the Tokyo Revelations.)
And the opening theme of Shunraiki is from my favourite singer Maaya Sakamoto again, she had been sung for the ending theme for 1st, 2nd of Tsubasa Chronicle and Tokyo Revelations, and she is voiced for Tomoyo(well, I think she will be voiced for Tomoyo again in Shunraiki...). I love the song very much and I think the lyrics suit the story, especially this phrase 'はやく一番大切な人のどころへ’ . So, really cant wait, cant wait..........

Meeting Under the Tree

Both of the parties played hard in this game. As people said, 见招拆招, this phrase has clearly depicted the situation here.
Meeting under the tree brings back a lot of memory. I still remember in my secondary school time, there is a big tree near the assembly square. And if a society want to have a little gathering, they will make an announcement, asked the members to gather under the tree. As I was the person who read the announcement, I would say, ' Gathering of XXX club, after assembly, under the tree' (Hahaha.......I have to admit it is very very brief announcement). Well, but today, gathering under a tree could be a very historical moment in Malaysia. Thousands of people had witnessed about it, important amendment(not sure whether I have used the right word) had been made, history is about to change again.......But wait, it is this moment that the judiciary come in. Well, this is definitely not 三权分立.
Once again, I have understand the importance of power. This world has never be fair, the people who win will write the history, the people who strong will play the game. The world looks like what it is now because it is the world that the strong people want. It is lucky that they want a relative peace world now. It is only 60 years has passed by after the 2nd world war, a short period compare to the hundred thousands years(not sure with the period) of human history. Human history has always been in chaos and war. It is not sure when we will have the 3rd world war, but the problem is whether Malaysia have the ability to face it? In the current state, with all the politicians try to win hard for state, with 一盘散沙 people.........
Power is certainly a very useful weapon, I wonder it is because of power they hold make them blind, or they blind when they try to pursue the power.
Well, the tree has certainly played an important role in history, and I start to wonder whether people will rename the place as the name of the tree. well, it wont be new, since that's how the name of Penang and Malacca came from.